Formation Registration for Grades K – 12

Registration for 2018-2019 is open through August 25th!


Our program is a small group-based faith formation model, centered on the Mass, offering fellowship, in a fun, social setting and safe environment. Because Mass is the source and summit of our faith, our program meeting times are scheduled after the Mass to break open the treasures of the faith that have just been proclaimed. We typically meet twice a month during the traditional academic year. 

Our small group-based model mirrors the structure of the liturgy with four portions – gather, proclaim, break and send. After the conclusion of the 9:30am Mass, families of children enrolled in Cross Walk (kindergarten through grade 5) will gather in the Church to hear a 15 minute “proclaim” with their child. Cross Train (middle school youth) and Cross Road (high school youth) gather following the 5:30pm Sunday Mass in the Community Center with time for food and fellowship. Each program begins with an activity and a “proclaim”, which presents the weekly Gospel in an engaging and age-appropriate way. After the proclaim, the children/youth move into their small groups for a discussion, led by trained adult volunteers to “break open” the theme of the session. While in their small group, the adult volunteer leaders build trusting relationships through prayer, games, hands-on activities, discussions on Catholic teachings and service projects. Finally, groups end with prayer, a presentation of their mission for the week, and are sent forth to glorify the Lord with their lives. 

For more information about the Cross Walk, Cross Train or Cross Road programs, click on one of the images below. For information about Home School, please click here

Changes are coming to Cross Walk in 2018-2019!

Please take a moment to learn about the new Cross Walk model by watching this message from Sarah Bowser, Coordinator of Children’s Formation.

We strive to create a safe environment for our youth. In order to ensure a safe and effective program for our youth, our expectation is that each family will need to volunteer for Adult Presence and/or Hospitality during 3 or more Cross Walk, Cross Train, or Cross Road sessions. Please click here for the 2018-2019 Formation calendar. 

2018-2019 Fees:
Cross Walk Early Bird Fee: $115 through June 10, 2018 (deadline has passed)
Cross Walk Regular Fee: $135 June 11-August 24, 2018

Cross Train/Cross Road Early Bird Fee: $130 through June 10, 2018 (deadline has passed)
Cross Train/Cross Road Regular Fee: $150 June 11-August 24, 2018

Home School Early Bird Fee: $55 per child through June 10, 2018 (deadline has passed)
Home School Regular Fee: $65 per child June 11-August 24, 2018

*Financial scholarships are available. To request a scholarship, please contact:
Sarah Bowser, Coordinator of Children’s Formation at 919-847-8205 x496
Thomas Bulick, Coordinator of Middle School Formation, 919-847-8205 x239
jennifer Fiduccia, Director of Formation, 919-847-8205 x239

Families MUST be registered parishioners at St. Francis of Assisi to participate in Faith Formation. Click here to register at St. Francis.

Formation Calendar


Meet the
Formation Team!

Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Registration FAQ’s 2018-2019 

How do I know if I’ve successfully registered?
Once your registration is completed, you will receive an email from Faith Direct confirming your registration. It may take up to 30 minutes to receive the email. The email will be sent to the email provided on your Faith Direct account. If you do not receive an email, check your Spam/Promotions/Junk folder. Search your email for “Faith Direct”. If you still didn’t receive an email, your registration most likely did not go through. 

I didn’t get a confirmation email, what should I do?
If you did not receive a confirmation email and are unsure if your registration went through, please take the below steps to check whether your registration went through. Confirmation emails are sent to the email provided on your Faith Direct account.

1.) Login to your Faith Direct account (click here to get to the login screen).
2.) Once logged in, click “Detailed Giving History & Tax Statements” under the “Past Gifts” section (bottom left side).
3.) On the right side of the screen, under the Giving Year section any donations, events, etc. that you had registerd for in 2018 to date will be displayed.
4.) If your registration went through for Cross Walk/Cross Road/Cross Train or Home School properly, “2018-2019 Formation- Cross Walk, Cross Road, Cross Train Registration” will be displayed with the amount you paid.

My registration isn’t going through! What should I do?
Please take the following steps to optimize your chances of a successful registration:

  • Try a different web browser, using Chrome or Mozilla on a computer/laptop is optimal. Avoid using an iPhone, tablet or Safari to register.
  • Faith Direct will time-out after a certain amount of time. When registering, be sure to complete your registration in a timely manner.
  • If you have tried to register using a computer/laptop with a Chrome or Mozilla browser and are still not able to register successfully, please either contact Patti Panizza (M-Th 9am-2pm) at or contact Faith Direct at 866-507-8757 or

My credit card number or payment information has changed. What should I do?
If your credit card number has changed, it is recommended that you first login to Faith Direct by going to this link: (follow the instructions to reset your password if you forgot it). Once logged in, click “Update personal Info & Sign-In Name”, (right side of the screen, under the “My Account” section). Update any changes to your address on file, and then click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom. Next, click the “Manage Payment Options”. Review the information and make any updates needed. If there are no changes to your payment information, click the arrow button on the top left of your browser to return to the “My Account” page. At this point, you can copy the registration link into the same browser window to begin the registration process.

I’m interested in being a new CORE team member this year.  How can I find out more information about volunteering?
Please contact the appropriate coordinator (based on your youth/child(ren)’s age:

Age of Child/Youth Coordinator Name Email Phone
Coordinator of Children’s Formation Sarah Bowser 919-847-8205 x496
Coordinator of Middle School Formation Thomas Bulick 919-847-8205 x239
Coordinator of High School Formation Alex Mancuso 919-847-8205 x223


 I’d like to be a CORE Team member this year, how do I register my child(ren) so that I receive the registration discount?
2017-2018 Core Team members were provided special registration instructions. For 2018-2019, if you are registering as a new CORE Team member, please register as usual and pay the full amount. The difference between the full amount and the CORE discount will be refunded to you mid-year.

What is the difference between an Adult Presence/Hospitality Coordinator and an Adult Presence/Hospitality Volunteer?
Coordinators are regular CORE Team members, are permanent volunteers, who coordinate the volunteers, and are expected to be at MOST Cross Walk, Cross Train or Cross Road sessions each year. CORE Team Members receive discounted registration fees. All parents who are not CORE team are expected to be non-permanent volunteers who assist with Adult Presence and/or Hospitality during 3 or more Cross Walk, Cross Train or Cross Road sessions per year.

 What if another adult in my family wants to volunteer as a Core Team Member?
How wonderful!  The more the merrier!  An additional discount is offered to families with multiple Core Team members.

When registering your child: The first person completing the online registration form (you) fills out the first volunteer (Volunteer 1) information.  Your signature will be required on the “signature line”.
The second volunteer (Volunteer 2) will need to complete an additional online Volunteer Form and their signature will be required the “signature line”. To get this form, contact

What is a Level C requirement?
In order to serve as part of the CORE Team, (Adult Presence or Small Group Leader) you must be Level C Certified by completing the Safe Environment class and turning in all documentation to our office.  Certification is good for five years.  Renewal can be done online, please email

If you’re not certified or if you are unsure, visit for more information.

How many Cross Walk/Cross Road/Cross Train sessions is my child/youth required to attend?
Attendance is taken at every session. We anticipate that youth would regularly attend Cross Walk/Cross Road/Cross Train sessions. For youth in sacramental preparations Faith Formation is a vital part of sacramental preparation.

What are the costs to register?
We are offering an early registration fee this year, April 24th through June 10th. The early registration fees are:

April 25th thru June 10th June 11th-August 24 th
Cross Walk (grades K-5) $115 $135
Cross Train (middle school) $130 $150
Cross Road (high school) $130 $150
Home School (all grades) $55 $65

I’d like to pay the registration fees by check. How do I do this?
Please email for further help.

 My family is in need of financial assistance. Who can I talk to?
Scholarships are available, please contact the appropriate Coordinator listed below:

Age of Child/Youth Coordinator Name Email Phone
Coordinator of Children’s Formation Sarah Bowser 919-847-8205 x496
Coordinator of Middle School Formation Thomas Bulick 919-847-8205 x239
Coordinator of High School Formation Alex Mancuso 919-847-8205 x223

The deadline to register has passed, what do I do?
In order to provide a safe environment for our Cross Walk, Cross Train and Cross Road programs, a minimum number of Small Group Leaders is needed. Small groups are formed in August. After 8/24, Home School will be offered to those families still wanting to register in the 2018-19 Formation program. Exceptions are granted for those moving in from other areas, or those who agree to be CORE Team members (Small Group Leaders, Adult Presence Coordinators & Hospitality Coordinators) through the start of programming mid-September.  After August 24th, contact the Children’s Formation Coordinator, Coordinator of Middle School Formation or Coordinator of High School Formation (see above table for contact information).

 Other registration questions? Please email

Home School

We understand that all family schedules and situations are different, and that some families may choose to home school their children/youth.  We do offer this as an option. Participation in this program includes appropriate age level materials and open invitations to our “All Family” events. For additional information and to register for Home School, please click here.

All Family Events

The Formation Team will offer “All Family Events” and other special events that will help build upon the teachings presented each week or in the home school books and foster opportunities for families to grow in faith together. These gatherings will help to make our children/youth feel “at home” at St. Francis, a place where they can have fun and be themselves, while knowing that they are valued and loved!  Below are a list of 2018-2019 All Family Events.

September 16, 2018 – Kick-off Event
November 18, 2018 – Advent Celebration
December 16, 2018 – Lessons and Carols
January 27, 2019 – All Family Event – TBD
February 3, 2019 – All Family Service Day
April 14, 2019 – Live Stations of the Cross
June 2, 2019 – Year End Celebration

If you have any questions about registration, please contact Patti Panizza.

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