Most of the exercise classes are on the punch card fee system.  $5 per class!  Check them all out. All Exercise Classes  are located in the Cupertino room of the Assisi Community Center.   (Please Note that Strength and Scripture Yoga & BodyPump currently have no fees as they are “DVD Guided” and do not have a paid instructor and that Women’s Self Defense &  Yoga For Kids have their own pay structure)

 Yoga for Kids   No classes currently scheduled.       

Yoga for Kids offers a fun and creative approach to Yoga that is very beneficial for growing bodies. The use of animated poses and basic stretching exercises promote strength, coordination, body awareness and flexibility. Breathing and visualization techniques teach children how to focus, relax and develop self-control. Kids will improve concentration, stimulate imagination and release energy in a safe and nurturing environment. Using interactive games and animated postures, kids learn about animals, nature and basic anatomy through yoga. Yoga for Children promotes inner-strength, confidence and self-esteem; a feeling of well-being and respect for all living things and a love for one’s self, inside and out.

For more information and registration:  Yoga for Kids Flyer

Zumba Latin Dancing  
10:30-11:30 am Tues & Fri  (no classes during the summer and will resume in September)

Latin-flavored dance like Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggeton and more.  Don’t need previous dance experience and we have all levels of intensity.  What a fun way to get in the Cardio workout.

Instructor: Gaby Escobar

For more information and registration: Zumba Flyer

 Strength & Scripture Yoga    8:00-9:00 am Mon, Wed & Fri   (no classes during the summer and will resume in September)

Yoga is an excellent way to increase Concentration, Flexibility, Posture, and Balance.  All levels are welcome and encouraged to attend. (DVD Guide)

For more Information and Registration:  Yoga Flyer

BodyPump                9:00 am Mon & Fri   (no classes during the summer and will resume in September)

This barbell class, will sculpt, tone and strengthen your body as it challenges all of your major muscle groups.
(DVD Guide)

Please bring your own weights with you!

A Typical Class:

  • Improve your strength
  • Perform 70-100 repetitions per body part totaling up to 800 repetitions in a single workout
  • Improve your general fitness
  • Shape and tone your muscles
  • Protect your bones and joints from injury
  • Get into shape fast
  • Feel confident

For questions and more information contact: Tricia Henry

For more information and registration:  Body Pump Flyer

Self Defense    No classes are currently scheduled!

Participants will learn:
-How to effectively apply a choke that will render attacker unconscious
-Dealing with an aggressor verbally – maintaining space
-Paying attention to space and angles when being approached by a stranger
-Simple finger break
-How to stand back up safely after being knocked down (no one will be knocked down, but participants will practice getting up correctly) – this is often much more important than people believe Using an effective windpipe choke

Scenarios will also be worked to try and provide the participant with comfort in a more realistic situation that they may find themselves in.

This class open to individuals, spouses, or parent/child (must be at least 12 years old to attend class)

For more information and Registration: Self Defense


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