Finance Council

In keeping with the directives of the 1983 Code of Canon Law and in keeping with the polices of the Diocese of Raleigh for organization and operating, the St Francis of Assisi Finance Council has the obligation of planning, providing for, and supervising the temporal affairs of the parish, making regular reports to the parishioners, the pastor, and the diocese, and recommending courses of action to the pastor.  It oversees parish income and expenditures, oversees the development of an annual budget, and presents an annual financial report to the parish. It is the first and most comprehensive line of defense for ensuring against financial impropriety and financial problems.  Membership of the Finance Council is to be comprised of no less than four parishioners. The pastor appoints these members. The chairperson of the council will be an ex-officio member of the Pastoral Council.  The members possess a working knowledge of financial affairs and are parishioners of outstanding integrity. Members are persons whose foremost priority is the development of a community of faith and see their concern with temporal affairs in this context.

Finance Council Members
David Nerz,
Bill Laxton,
Delynn Alexander,
Jose Cahuayme,
Julio de la Rosa,
Mike Keleher,
Ron Doggett,
Steve Dilger,
Steve Vebber,
Steven Joseph,
Susan DeBender,
Tim Hrehor,
Tim Throndson,
Tom Mense

The Finance Council has also created a number of oversight committees specifically focused on major areas of the Parish.  They include:

· School Oversight Committee (representing both K-8 and our Pre-School)

· Maintenance Oversight Committee (all facilities on the campus)

· Columbarium Oversight Committee

· Endowment Oversight Committee

· Capital Campaign Oversight Committee (activated when engaged in campaign)

For more information or questions about our St Francis Finance Council, please contact:, Director of Finance and Planning

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