Prayerfully discerning celebrating Confirmation?
Thinking about completing your Christian Initiation?

At St. Francis, we follow the Diocese’s guidelines that Confirmation is a two year faith development journey consisting of the Remote (year one) and Proximate (year two) year. During those two years, the youth is expected to participate in Faith Formation (fulfilled by Cross Train/Road, home school, or attendance at a Catholic school), complete the Confirmation Preparation sessions, attend retreats, as well as engage in service ministry. The goal is for the youth to appreciate and celebrate their faith through their involvement in the life and mission of our parish community. The Sacrament of Confirmation may be celebrated any time after the fall of sophomore year in high school.

All Information/Registration Meetings for Youth Confirmation Preparation 2017-2019 have been held. 

For more information about Confirmation, please contact Martina