Hospitality is a hard word to define.  Hospitality can be a warm smile, an embrace, a hot meal, a phone call – in short, in means that you are recognized as one of us – you belong. When you’re trying to navigate one of life’s transitions, you can feel pretty isolated and alone.  Meal time loses its priority, taking a place behind getting back to the hospital to visit, trying to juggle a new baby, or dealing with rehabilitation after surgery.  As part of our mission here at St. Francis, we strive to “extend Hospitality to all.”

Parishioners have come together to form a ministry called Feed the Need. The mission of the ministry is to provide a cooked meal or two weekly for folks who have recently undergone a significant transition in their lives.  It’s what we each do for our relatives, our neighbors, and now, we can do it together for our greater St. Francis community.

If you are a cook
and you would like to sign up to help, please (click here)
or contact Kathleen Owen, 919-847-8205×241.

We have a calendar listing all the meals that are needed, so you can sign up for
any day that’s good for you, and then drop your meal off here at St. Francis.

If you’ve recently gone through a major life change, call the Care & Wellness office at 919-847-8205×241.
With all these cooks, we also need people in need of a good meal.
If you’ve recently gone through a major life change,
We’re able to offer an array of ministries that might help.

Feed the Need will take its place alongside our other caring ministries like Prayer Line, Prayer Shawl,
Eucharistic Ministries to facilities and the Homebound, Stephen Ministry and our Visitation Ministry.

We hope that in the months to come Feed the Need can grow and expand to include other ways of showing hospitality.
The tradition of Hospitality is strong here at St. Francis and with your help, our embrace can grow wider and just keep getting stronger!

(Food Safety Game) for Kids

Feed the Need Casserole Labels
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