Family Promise/Wake Interfaith Hospitality Network (WIHN)

A parishioner kicks a ball with two children during a hosting of homeless families.

A parishioner kicks a ball with two children during a hosting of homeless families.

St. Francis is one of 35 local churches that partners with Family Promise/ Wake Hospitality Network (WIHN) to provide lodging, meals and childcare on a rotating basis to homeless families in our area. Our mission is to help homeless families achieve independent living by providing lodging, meals, and childcare in times of transition and need.

Three times a year we host homeless families for one week here on our parish campus.
The families stay in Clare Hall and we provide meals, hospitality, child care, lodging and transportation.

Dates/weeks – Easter, 4th of July and Christmas

Starting Easter Sunday, April 21 we will be hosting homeless families at St. Francis

In Wake County there are many families facing homelessness and thus struggling, on a daily basis, to even survive. We as a community are helping in a profound way, and we hope you’ll join us. Beginning Easter Sunday, April 21, for a week, St. Francis will shelter four of these families through our partnership with Family Promise (formally known as Wake Interfaith Hospitality Network or WIHN). Opportunities to volunteer include: providing meals, sharing dinner, offering childcare, driving the families to/from the day center, and being an overnight host. Contact Ron Smith directly at or 919-455-7786 to volunteer. Thank you for any help you can provide!

Go to the announcement section on our web page at
for this listing and all other upcoming event. This information is also listed in the Sunday bulletin.

There are many ways volunteers can help:

  • Bring and/or serve hot, nutritious meals for one or more nights.
  • Provide childcare for small children during the evening. Bring your children to play!
  • Be an overnight host to offer hospitality and maintain safety.
  • Drive the van to pick up the families from the Family Promise day center before dinner
    or return them to the Family Promise day center in the morning.
  • Wash laundry at the end of the week.

It is a privilege to open our doors and our hearts to families in need.

IMG_6971 To help contact: Ron Smith at

  • Time Commitment: two hour plus, depending on task.
  • Gifts: Providing food, cooking, serving food, hospitality, driving, playing with children
  • Family-friendly

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