Whether it is offering a gift of your time, cooking skills, or even donating some supplies, we are counting on you to help make this market great.

Purchasing Fair Trade and Alternative Gifts ensures fair wages and dignified working conditions for vulnerable people around the world as they work to lift themselves out of poverty and other difficult situations. So, shop at our market and deepen your Christmas shopping experience and feel a renewed holiday spirit while finding beautiful and thoughtful gifts for those you love.  You just can’t go wrong!   

Market Schedule

Friday Nov. 11, 8:15 am – 4:00 pm
Saturday Nov. 12, 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Sunday Nov. 13, 8:15 am – 2:00 pm
Sunday Nov. 13, 6:15 pm – 8:00 pm

We are closed during Mass.

“I had no idea poor children around the world were making the products I was buying …”

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Choose the World You Want

We work with artisans who live in over 70 developing countries, giving them access to US markets for their handmade crafts.

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  • Our sales provide a source of fair pay that helps insure a living wage for thousands of people.
  • Our artisan partners and our store consider the impact on the planet as much as on people when developing and selling products.  We have made a commitment to the environment. We are big fans of Mother Earth!

As artisans from the Mukisa Twezimbe women’s group in Uganda, we create beautiful baskets, jewelry and textiles to support our families. We receive fair wages for our artworks. You receive one-of-a-kind, handmade gifts.

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  • The Mighty River Project provides fair and steady monthly income, medical care, school sponsorship and mentoring for each artisan’s family.
  • Maria, one artisan, makes our line of beaded jewelry, giving second life to used paper by hand-rolling each bead into an upcycled treasure.
  • Rita makes vibrant textiles using bright, unique Ugandan fabrics using a foot-pedal-powered sewing machine.
  • Erinah is our only artisan who makes baskets using papyrus fiber.

We are a guild of 32 Mayan women from a small village in Guatemala who weave scarves by hand on a “back strap” loom, a long-standing tradition.

  • The village in the remote mountains of Guatemala is very poor.  The Mayan women are at the bottom level of the social structure.
  • Weaving scarves creates an economic opportunity the women would otherwise never have.  Being paid for their labor is a first-time experience.
  • Each scarf is a work of art that takes about 16 hours to create. The designs and color combinations are created by the weavers.

All  Lumago designs are created by women artisans. When you buy Lumago, you are not buying a mass produced item. You are investing in one-of-a-kind pieces of art. 

  • Lumago empowers their women artisans through fair wages, transparency and decision-making in their craft, through which they can support their families.
  • Our jewelry is made from upcycled materials — paper from magazines, leather from purses, recycled bamboo and more.
  • Our materials are sourced locally so our sales support artisans as well as our community.

Farming families in West Begal, India have been weaving handloomed GumCha for over 2000 years, using 100% Indian cotton. Use your GumCha as a scarf, beach wrap, airplane cover, yoga accessory, grocery bag, baby wrap, picnic/camping ground cover or table cloth, home decor accent, or a child’s floor cover for quick Lego cleanup. 


  • GumCha4Health continues a nearly 40-year tradition of advancing self-sustaining, community-based health, maternal health and infant/child health models.
  • Master weavers create their own design. Through generations, thousands of highly sophisticated, elegant and colorful patterns can be found in villages and towns.
  • With over 3,000 weavers, this work involves the whole family.  Looms are set up in the home so any time not spent on farm work can be spent weaving GumCha.

Our soaps are made in Mymensingh, Bangladesh by 28 artisans who have escaped human trafficking and are now earning living wages in a safe working environment.

  • We are an ethical and sustainable company creating all natural products that are kind to ourselves, kind to you, kind to our planet.
  •  Our packaging is handmade by 28 women artisans in Feni, Bangladesh. The boxes are made from jute and are 100% biodegradable.
  • Thousands of women in Bangladesh are trapped in human trafficking because they do not have an education or job skills to support themselves. Our soap sales offer them a fresh start in life.
  • We recently launched all natural bath bombs perfect for relaxation and self-care. Every bath bomb sale supports the funding of a school in Bangladesh that supports 216 students.


We seek to cultivate leadership, sustainable livelihoods, and lasting change in women leaving NC prisons. We offer them second chances by giving them the time and space to make real changes in their lives.

  • Second chances are crucial to all of us.
  • We provide an employment and living program for our residents. They develop skills in sustainable farming, small business practices and food preparation in an environment that fosters improved physical, spiritual and financial health.
  • We grow and sell fresh produce, flowers and herbs, and manufacture body care products made with ingredients grown on the farm by our residents.
  • The women make, package and sell the body care products with all proceeds returning to our program and residents’ wages.

 Our accomplishments:

  • Construction of 29 schools with kitchens and libraries
  • Purchase of land with natural springs to bring potable water to the community
  • Installation of eco-friendly stoves to improve respiratory health and environmental protection
  • Physical therapy and early education for children with disabilities
  • Creation of an eco-tourism program to improve the local economy and outside support

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  • Visit us on Saturday and Sunday. We will be open those days.
  • In Nicaragua, people go from one disaster to another (both natural and man-made), but they find ways to live life to its fullest. They are a picture of resilience and joy.
  • We support the people through the sale of Nicaraguan crafts and coffee. When you purchase crafts or coffee, all proceeds go toward our projects in San Ramón and support local artisans.
  • Crafts are created by hand by artisans using techniques passed down through their culture. When you purchase our goods, you insure fair wages and receive goods of extraordinary quality.

1 in every 28 children in the US has an incarcerated parent. An estimated 179,000 children in NC have experienced parental incarceration. Our Children’s Place works to mitigate the impacts of parental incarceration; identifying and promoting policies, programs and practices which improve the outcomes for these children; and by supporting parent/child relationships.

  • Support children with an incarcerated parent with your purchase of a hand-crocheted scarf, child’s hat, or adult hat, or a one-of-a-kind stuffed animal dressed in hat and scarf. We’ll have Teddy Bears, of course, along with plenty of smartly dressed friends.
  • We look forward to seeing you. We will be at the market on Friday only. Come early for the best selection of our furry friends, hats and scarves.

We work to spread the fair trade message in Palestine and then link Palestinian artisans to the global fair trade markets. We empower the artisans and support them so they can control their own livelihoods and receive fair wages.

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  • We promote and celebrate the Palestinian culture and traditions that have existed for many generations. We cherish these ancient crafts as we share our local stories with the world.
  • We are an umbrella of support for 53 family-owned olive wood workshops, ceramics and blown glass factories, 50 women’s cooperatives and groups working with embroidery, recycled glass, basket weaving and jewelry making, and 5 disabled groups making felt wool products and recycled cards.
  • By reaching new markets such as at St. Francis of Assisi, we have helped lift hundreds of people out of poverty.


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