New Buildings – Siena, Preschool, Community Center, and St. Mary's Chapel

Stewards of Our Environment

For the Catholic Community of St. Francis of Assisi stewardship is part of our tradition and faith. Stewardship of our environment and honoring the spirituality of St. Francis was important in the design and construction of our new buildings, and is evidenced by our pursuit of LEED® certification. The LEED® certification program recognizes achievements in energy efficiency, water efficiency, sustainable site design, and material choices. LEED® recognizes 4 levels of achievement, and it is anticipated that each of our buildings will achieve LEED® Gold Certification – the second highest rating possible. This is an outstanding achievement as we will be one of the only church communities on the East Coast with the distinction of 3 LEED® buildings.

Green Features – achieved by all buildings

Each of the new buildings on our campus incorporates features that will save energy and resources, provide a better indoor environment, and minimize negative impacts on our environment. One of the key elements in achieving Gold Certification for our buildings is their superior performance in the area of energy efficiency. Each of the new buildings is designed to use at least 51% less energy than a comparable building. (LEED EA Credit 1) Most buildings of this size do not have this type of system, efficiency or control.

Other sustainable features incorporated into the entire campus include:

·         Over 20% of all materials used in the buildings came from souces within 500 miles. (LEED® MR Credit 5)

·         Over 90% of all construction waste was diverted from landfill. (LEED® MR Credit 2)

·         Water needed for landscaping was reduced by at least 50% by using drought-tolerant plants, and rain barrels collect water for plants. (LEED® WE Credit 1.1)

·         Concrete sidewalks and parking areas reflect sunlight and avoid solar heat gain. (LEED SS Credit 7.1)

·         All buildings utilize a green cleaning program that avoids the use of harmful chemicals and uses paper products with recycled content. (LEED® Innovation in Design Credit 1.4)

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