Greening our Campus

In striving to be good stewards of God’s creation, we look for every opportunity to green our entire campus – protecting and caring for the many resources that are entrusted to us.

In the Franciscan Tradition of respecting the environment, each of the new buildings on our campus incorporates features that will save energy and resources, provide a better indoor environment, and minimize negative impacts on our environment.  See details on new buildings here.

We have also investigated ways to reduce our energy uses and take prudent actions to incorporate environmental stewardship into all aspects of parish life.  See our Green Policies here.

The Franciscan School  and St. Francis Preschool are vital parts of the Catholic Community of St. Francis of Assisi.  Within these educational ministries, green curricula have been integrated into the class grades and overall mission of the schools.  See green curricula highlights, events, and practices of these educational ministries here.


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