Support Circle

Support Circle is a small group of parishioners who create a network of love and support for a family in transition from homelessness. Our current Support Circle involves 10 volunteers who meet regularly with a family led by a widowed mother of six children and one grandchild.

The Support Circle program is run by Catholic Charities, which screens homeless families and connects them with local congregations. A Support Circle works with a family to empower them to address critical needs that will put them on the path to economic self-sufficiency. Support Circle teams work with families to: Secure permanent housing; improve their ability to earn more through job skills training; learn budgeting and how to manage household finances; mentor children; address child care and transportation issues; improve access to needed health and social services; provide support that fosters the strengths in their assigned family, and provide moral and spiritual support.

  • Contact: Ellen Ferrone at 858-531-9797 or
  • Time Commitment: One year. Includes bimonthly contacts with family and monthly ministry meetings
  • Gifts: Listening, working with people, mentoring, willingness to help find community support

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