Eucharistic Ministers

A Eucharistic Minister is a lay person authorized by the Church to administer the consecrated elements of the Eucharist. Lay Eucharistic ministers may be authorized to administer the consecrated bread and wine at any celebration of the Eucharist in the absence of a sufficient number of priests and deacons to assist the celebrant. This ministry is understood to be an extraordinary ministry, and is not to take the place of the ministry of priests and deacons concerning the administration of the Eucharist.

Anyone interested in becoming a Eucharistic Minister must be:

  1. Members of St Francis of Assisi
  2. Roman Catholic
  3. Confirmed
  4. 16 years of age or older

Contacts: Michael and Julie Ducatte (

Eucharistic Ministers may also be authorized to go from a Sunday Eucharist or other principal celebrations of the Eucharist to share the sacrament with members of the congregation who were unable to be present at the celebration because of illness or infirmity. For Eucharistic Ministry to those that cannot travel to St. Francis, click here.

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