Camp Francis

The Camp Francis summer program is meant to support the mission of the Catholic Community of Saint Francis of Assisi and the Community Life ministries within our parish community.  We promise to inspire growth opportunities, offer support, encourage participation, and safeguard the environment as we build our summer family.  We enable our community to renew the spirit within, maintain the physical body, and grow the mind as we enjoy the quality recreational, educational and spiritual activities within our exceptional facilities and grounds. We welcome with joy all those young people who come to us and invite them into the life of our summer community. 

With Peace and Love,
Ashley Watson
Coordinator of Community Programs

Camp Francis 2020 Registration is CLOSED as all Camps for Summer 2020 have been cancelled due to COVID-19.

Fun Activity Ideas


Have Holiday Celebrations

Get Creative and celebrate the different Holidays. (For example: for  halloween you can get dressed up in costumes and trick or treat from bedroom to bedroom; for Christmas you can deocrate your house and or yard festively, etc.)

Have Themed Dinners

Have themed dinners where you dress up and decorate the dining room for the theme that goes with what you are making for dinner.

Create your puzzle!

Put together a puzzle you’ve already done and carefully flip it over and make your own design on the other side (make sure you take a picture of it before you break it up so you have a reference). This makes good use of a puzzle you’ve already done.

Make Oobleck!

Simply mix 1 part water with 1.5 – 2 parts cornstarch. (for example, you may mix 1 cup water with 1½ cups of cornstarch). Add a little bit of cornstarch to your water at a time and stir. You’ll have to make adjustments to get it just right. Add food coloring for even more fun and this can get messy so a good outdoor activity.

Make Slime!

Take one, 6-ounce bottle of glue (Elmer’s glue seems to work best) and mix in ½ teaspoon baking soda and 2 – 3 tablespoons of contact lens solution. Use a mixing spoon or popsicle stick to stir the slime until it starts to thicken.  Once it forms into a blob, use your hands to mix and knead it. Pieces of it will stick to hands but keep kneading it. The slime will eventually harden to the point where it moves as one unit. For additional fun, add in food coloring or glitter.

Make a Stress Ball!

All you need for this activity is some flour or corn starch, a balloon and a funnel. Start by stretching out the balloon, then stick the funnel in the opening and pour in the flour or corn starch. You may need to tap the sides of the funnel to help the flour move down the funnel.

Once the balloon is filled with flour (it will not expand much), simply tie it. You may want to consider placing it inside another balloon to make the exterior stronger.

Once the stress ball is made, kids can use a permanent marker to draw a silly face or other image that will stretch out when the balloon is squeezed. 

Make Treasure out of Trash!

Make a pile of unused items in the home that are headed for the trash – broken appliances, empty bottles, wrappers, etc.

Give your kids 5 minutes or so to invent something new with the pieces. After 5 minutes of building, have them explain their new invention and give it a name.

Have a creative kid? Have them then create a commercial for their new invention. 

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Gather the kiddos and send them hunting around the house for items! Here are some links to scavenger cards free to download.

Ice Cream in a Bag

Why not make a sweet treat at home…in a bag!

Bubble Art

 Bubbles are for more than just popping!  Make some pretty artwork too.

Science Experiments

Keep learning with fun experiments all summer long.  (I like the Blobs in a Bottle!)

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