This Christmas, we expect to welcome and celebrate Mass with 10,000 people of our community which means we need hundreds of volunteers over our nine Masses. We need many, many Christmas angels to serve in these liturgies.  Please take a moment to sign up for the mass you will be attending and find the spot to share your gifts this Christmas!!!  We need over…

175 Eucharistic Ministers

All active, trained Eucharistic Ministers should use Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP) to sign up for mass time and location.  Click MSP Login or go to your mobile app.  

Anyone interested in helping as EM in Christmas masses without a MSP account, please use NEW EM signup and plan to attend training session on December 8, 2019.

58 Welcome Hosts

Calling all your Smiling faces!

Folks who serve as welcome hosts for Christmas liturgies will greet people at the main doors of all mass locations, direct people to mass locations with available seating, and generally create a warm atmosphere where all feel welcome to our Christmas masses.  All are WELCOME to server as welcome host. Families are welcome to serve together.  Please use this signup tool to select mass time and location.

12 Parking Attendants

Many extra volunteers are needed to help in the parking lot during Christmas masses.  Volunteers will work in conjunction with the Wake County Sheriff’s Deputies on duty and the parking lot ministry to welcome all vehicular participants to and from St. Francis property and to ensure safe passage to and from their vehicles.  Their duties include encouraging people to back into their parking spaces, directing people to open parking spots, assisting people to cross high density drive-through areas, and sharing pertinent parking updates to drivers. If you are interested in volunteering, please signup!

30 Altar Servers

All active, trained Altar Servers  and Thurifers should use Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP) to sign up for mass time and location.

50 Ushers

For our Christmas masses, we need many extra ushers.  Instructions and training will be provided. Ushers provide a smooth flow to our liturgies by offering assistance and directing the offertory collection, Eucharist procession and bulletin distribution. Ushers serve as visible representatives of St. Francis during mass to promote hospitality and encourage active participation of parishioners and guests and assist with special needs. If you are available to serve during Christmas masses, please signup!  

12 Facilities Support

With so many participating in our Christmas liturgies in less than 24 hours, we need volunteers to help oversee our facilities.  Volunteers will check bathrooms and trashcans after key mass times, straighten chairs, pick up left items or worship aids, and work with our mass teams and facilities contractors to ensure we have a clean and safe facilities environment for all.  Families are welcome to serve together. If you available to help, please signup for the mass time and location you can help.

18 Health Care Professionals

We are looking for Health Care Professionals in the Medical Presence Ministry to wear their name tags during Christmas masses. This identification indicates they have been through a 15 minute orientation to the location and content of our medical equipment and are familiar with the staff and other volunteers who are available to help in a health emergency. No need to schedule, just sign in when you come to mass and wear your name tag.  For orientation & information, please email:

All Other Roles

(Cross Bearers, Thurifers, Lectors, and MCs) 

For all other liturgical volunteer roles, please signup through your Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP) account:  

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