Interfaith Food Shuttle

There are a number of exciting opportunities to volunteer with Interfaith Food Shuttle (IFFS). We encourage you to contact IFFS directly. Through the years, St. Francis parishioners have done a number of different things and found them all very fruitful.

Interfaith Food Shuttle Teaching Farm

Periodically we plan St. Francis group events with IFFS, especially at their Teaching Farm. This is a place to grow your knowledge about  where your food comes from. Volunteers can dig in the dirt on a working farm, complete with chickens, goats, and bees.

What does this have to do with hunger relief?

Plenty! We believe that the knowledge of how to grow food is an important step toward developing a locally-owned food system that builds  self-sufficiency and community power. The more we understand about growing and preparing food, the healthier we are. Growing food, especially in urban areas and on small tracts of land, is a viable way for people to feed themselves. Just ask your grandmother!

We provide a unique opportunity for community members to learn about sustainable agriculture and connect to where your food comes from. Help us with soil preparation, planting, harvesting, weeding, composting, mulching, and working with the chickens, goats, bees and worms.






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