Called to Lives of Meaning and Purpose Initiative Survey

Our church is one of 13 congregations participating in the Collegeville Institute’s Communities of Calling Initiative. This project is one of 13 hubs in the US and Canada working with about 350 congregations in the Called to Lives of Meaning and Purpose Initiative.

The Initiative leaders are inviting us to participate in their evaluation and research of the entire Initiative. You can help! Please complete this 20-30-minute online survey by Sunday, April 25, 2021. The Initiative and hub leaders will share the results from our congregation with us.

Help us learn about how our members understand and live out their callings and its role in a life of meaning and purpose.

Your survey responses will be anonymous. We will only know that they are connected to an attender at Saint Francis. Nobody affiliated with your church will see your actual survey responses, and only the researchers will have access to the data.

Questions?  Please contact Jane Patterson, project director for the Communities of Calling Initiative at or Kathleen Cahalan, project director for the Called to Lives of Meaning and Purpose Initiative at

Member survey link: 

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