Caring Casseroles

Caring Casseroles is part of the Feed the Need Ministry at St. Francis of Assisi. 

Caring Casseroles are freezer friendly dinners that volunteers provide.
These casseroles will be given to our Feed the Need families when a meal is needed.

The Feed the Need and Caring Casseroles refrigerator is located in Clare Hall. 
Clare Hall will be unlocked from  8am-5pm, Monday –Friday except on Holidays.  

For more information about dropping off your Casseroles see below.

Caring Casseroles –


Who gets these dinners?
Families who have lost a loved one, families who have a new baby, families who are experiencing serious illness, families who have suffered tragedies, families who have severe financial situations and families who have had all of the above. It’s amazing the number of families in our parish who deal with several of these issues at a time.  It isn’t easy, imagine after a day of waiting in the hospital for medical tests, or recovering from treatment, or recuperating from surgery or missing your life partner who’s deceased – after all the demands of the day, the parish offers them a nutritious, cooked meal. It’s a way we can walk with them on their journey.

If there’s a family you think could benefit from Caring Casseroles or Feed the Need,
Please contact Beth Gaudette at or 919-847-8205, ext.241.

Making your Casseroles

Make a cooked casserole that we can freeze.
Just refrigerate it!

Place your casserole in a disposable pan
or Ziploc freezer bag.

Dropping off your Casseroles
To reduce/distribute the foot traffic and try to keep people safe, we are now accepting casseroles every day according to the following schedule:

  • If your last name begins with A-F, drop off on Mondays from 9-noon
  • If your last name begins with G-K, drop off on Tuesdays from 9-noon
  • If your last name begins with L-P, drop off on Wednesdays from 9-noon
  • If your last name begins with Q-U, drop off on Thursdays from 9-noon
  • If your last name begins with V-Z, drop off on Fridays from 9-noon

We’re especially needing meals with the following dietary restrictions:

  • Meals with no salt or pepper
  • Meals that feed 3 people with no pasta, turkey, nuts, corn, or green pepper
  • Meals that feed 2 people with no chicken or pork
  • Meals that feed 2 people that are ‘heart healthy’
  • Meals that feed 4 people with no spice, pork, or avocado (no soups or stews

Where to drop off the Caring Casseroles
Place your (unfrozen, cooked) casserole in the Feed the Need refrigerator located in Clare Hall.
Please bring all meals to Clare Hall which will be unlocked from 8 am – 5 pm, Monday –Friday (except on Holidays).

Please attach a information label to your Caring Casserole – (Click here)  for a the Feed the Need Casserole label. 

Recipes –  If you’d like to check out some recipes, click here
and scroll to the bottom of the page.


For more information about
Caring Casseroles or the Feed the Need ministry

Please contact:
Beth Gaudette (
or Kathy Halula (

Click here for our A to Z Ministry List 

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