Ashley Watson
Community Life Programs Administrator


Ashley has been a part of the St. Francis parish since 1988 when she moved here with her family from Florida.  Being only 5 years old when she moved here she has grown up in the St. Francis Community and now she’s excited to raise her son in the same community she grew up in.  What began as a part time job in 2010 working for and with her Community quickly developed into a full time career. Ashley is not only organizing and managing the summer camps of Camp Francis, Exercise and Parent Child Classes throughout the year, but now the Coordinator of Community Programs.  When Ashley is not at work, she is a busy mom to her 8 year old son Jack! She loves to go on fun outings with him and coach his soccer team.  She enjoys scrap booking in her down time, perhaps while drinking a cold glass of sweet tea or Dr. Pepper!

Some other fun facts… She is one of 4 children and loves to wear flip flops ALL THE TIME!

Mary Arleth
Community Life Programs Administrator


Mary comes to us from Staten Island, New York, where she was born and raised.  For 20 years, Mary worked for the N.Y.C. Police department. Sergeant Mary has been a part of our St. Francis community for four years and joined OUR force here at the Community Center in 2014. Mary is our coordinator for the Athletics program and loves working with the kids! When she is not here, she and her husband, James s run a household full of boys! She has a 16 year old, 12 year old and a 7 year old. They are all very active in sports!

Some other fun facts…

Michelle Cash
Community Center Activities Specialist


Our Parish Chef, Michelle comes to us from Long Island, New York where she grew up and attended The Culinary Institute! Michelle moved to Raleigh and became a member of St. Francis of Assisi in 1996. If you smell something heavenly around Campus, you will most likely find Michelle cooking something up for Youth Ministry, a parish event, or special occasion. She began her culinary journey here as the chef for the Friars, and once we all discovered her gift, we made her share with the rest of us! When she is not cooking up something delicious, she is running around, being Super Mom with her three children and working part time here at the community center. She helps to staff Camp Francis during the summer, and over see the 18 and up, Open Play Basketball on Wednesday nights throughout the year!

Some other fun facts… Michelle was a junior member of The American Culinary Federation on Long Island, and competed in cooking competitions!