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The Camp Francis summer program is meant to support the mission of the Catholic Community of Saint Francis of Assisi and the Community Life ministries within our parish community.  We promise to inspire growth opportunities, offer support, encourage participation, and safeguard the environment as we build our summer family.  We enable our community to renew the spirit within, maintain the physical body, and grow the mind as we enjoy the quality recreational, educational and spiritual activities within our exceptional facilities and grounds. We welcome with joy all those young people who come to us and invite them into the life of our summer community. 

With Peace and Love,
Ashley Watson
Coordinator of Community Programs

General Information


Welcome to Camp Francis!

We are excited to have your kids share some of their summer with us.

Please read the below information about our camp and procedures.

If you still have further questions, feel free to contact:

Ashley Watson (919-847-8205 extension 444):

COVID Policies

COVID Policies
As of current time masks are required indoors on our campus by all ages 4 and up regardless of vaccination status. At the time of camp we will be following whatever guidelines are in place by St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church.


Registration process


We encourage early registration since camps are limited in size and we operate on a first come first serve basis. Many camps will close before the start of camp.

We are using our new online registration process with payment through Faith Direct.

  • Review all of 2022 Camp Francis Booklet camp offerings. Use the Camp Summary for a Calendar View which includes the grade levels for each camp.
  • Then, start the Online Registration Process.
  • Finally, you receive confirmation of your selections and payment.

Registration is not considered complete until final payment is received with the completed registration form. For registration and payment via cash, check or credit card swipe at the Assisi Community Center, please contact Ashley Watson.



Refunds and Transfers

-All refund requests received in writing 14 days or more in advance of the start date of the program are entitled to:

100% refund if Community Center cancels program,

100% credit for transfer of fees to another program at the time of withdrawal or cancellation

Full Refund less $25 cancellation fee (per camp) for all other withdrawals

– Refund or transfer requests received less than 14 days prior to the start date of a program will not be granted

– Refunds for medical reasons requested prior to the start date of program will be granted at 100% subject to verification.

-Upon the start of Camp no refunds will be issued.

– Non-attendance/Non-participation in a camp including suspension from the camp due to failure to abide by the Code of Conduct does not entitle a patron to a refund.


Waitlists Notifications

If your participant clears the waitlist, you will be notified by the Community Center Staff by telephone.  You will have 24 hours to accept and remit payment for the requested camp; the camp registration must be confirmed.  If notification is not received within 24 hours you will forfeit your camp placement.


Lunch Bunch

Please be aware that we follow the Diocesan Safe Supervision of Minors and every minor must be supervised at all times by a parent, guardian or a supervisor approved by the Safe Environment Program. All campers remaining on campus between camps (between noon – 1:00 pm) must be enrolled in Lunch Bunch or must be supervised by a parent or guardian.


Lunch Bunch runs from noon to 1:00 pm, and is fully supervised at all times. All campers in Lunch Bunch are picked up from their morning camp locations and escorted to their afternoon camp locations by Camp Francis Summer Camp staff. Only campers who are registered in Lunch Bunch may participate in Lunch Bunch.


All campers in Lunch Bunch should pack their own lunch. There are no refrigerators or microwaves available. Make sure your child’s name is on his/her lunchbox or lunch bag.   We have several campers who have severe food allergies. We ask that you speak to your child and remind him or her that sharing food is absolutely not allowed.


Please notify Camp Francis Staff if the Lunch Bunch camper will be picked up on any particular day for lunch outside lunch bunch. If your lunch bunch camper is picked up from morning camp by a parent or guardian, the camper must be brought to their afternoon camp directly by the parent or guardian.


We will have snack break during each camp, morning and afternoon. Campers will be provided with a nut-free snack and drink. (if your child has specific food allergies please let us know at drop off and we can share our snack menu with you) Please send a labeled water bottle with your child if they are in a sports camp.


Dress Code

Participants should wear comfortable clothing and non-black soled tennis shoes each day. If appropriate attire is not worn, therefore preventing participation, the parent may be asked to bring appropriate clothing or will be required to pick up the participant.



Any participant should remain home from all summer camps if they have had any of the following in the past twenty-four (24) hours:

  •  Contagious conditions (i.e. fever- 100 degrees or higher without fever reducing medication, diarrhea, vomiting, sore throat, undiagnosed rash, chicken pox, pink eye, ring worm, head lice, etc)
  •  Physical Injury that does not allow the participant to safely participate in the camp program.

If a participant demonstrates any of the above while at camp, the parent/guardian will have one hour to pick up the participant from the camp location. If the participant becomes sick while at camp, he/she will be separated from the other participants while the parent/guardian is called to come and pick them up.

After 24 hours, if the participant is symptom free or written documentation has been received from a doctor stating the participant is not contagious or can safely participate, they may return to camp. If you suspect that your child has a contagious condition that may be spread to others, please notify your camp director as soon as possible. Please do not bring the participant back to camp until the camp director has been contacted.


Administration of Medication

Camp Francis staff will only administer medications to camp participants if the Camp Francis Authorization for giving medication form is complete and submitted to Camp Francis staff. This form can be submitted with registration forms or submitted on first day of camp. All labeled medication must be delivered directly to Camp Francis on the first day of camp. All medication must be picked up on the last day of camp. Any medication not picked up will be disposed of after 14 days.

Drop Off

Please note we can not accommodate early drop off. Please park in the Siena/TFS parking lot which is just behind the Community Center as we would like to be respectful of those attending daily mass who will use the front parking lot at the Community Center. You will need to Bring your child into the Community Center on Monday Morning to Check them in for their camp. At that time you will check that all contact Information is correct, receive your pickup cards (you will need these in order to pick your child up each day. Please let us know at that time if you need additional cards), and your camper will join their instructor in their designated area. For the remainder of the week you will bring your child to their designated classroom       location. Campers will not be permitted to be dropped off any earlier then 10 minutes before camp begins.

We ask that all parents escort their children into the building and check them in and then come into the   building for pick up.


Pick Up and Late Pick Up

Please note we can not accommodate late pick up.  You will need to pick up your children at their designated classroom   location.  Please pick up your child promptly at the end of camp which is either 12pm (if attending only morning session), or 4pm (if attending full day or afternoon session).  Students will only be released to parents or other designated individuals. Every camper should be signed out each day.  Camp staff may also ask to see a picture ID to be sure they are releasing your child to the correct person. Please make sure all individuals picking up your child bring a picture ID or pickup card with them.  Any camper not picked up within 10 minutes after camp end will be walked to the Community Center by camp instructor.

Late Pick-up

Late Pickup participants should be picked up at the Community Center and will be charged a late fee. The fee is as follows: Once the parent/guardian is up to ten minutes late a $5 fee will be charged per participant. An additional $1 per participant will be added for every minute past ten minutes late. Payment is due at the time of late pick-up. Continual late pickups may lead to dismissal from the program in relation to excessive late pick-up.

Before and After Care

In order for campers to attend Before or After Care they must be enrolled in our Before/After Care prior to the start of camp.  Enrollment in Before ($25 per camper) and After care ($25 per camper) is for the entire week in which you register for. Please note Before Care runs from 8am-9am and campers may not be dropped off until 8am.  After care runs from 4pm-5pm and campers must be picked up by 5pm.

Personal Care

Camp Francis staff does not provide personal care for program participants. Staff does not assist in the toileting of any camp participants or help with dressing participants. The program requires that all participants are “potty” trained in order to participate. If a toileting accident does occur, a change of clothes must be brought to the program site or the participant must be picked up from the program site within one hour of the incident. If toileting accidents become routine, participants may be dismissed from the program.




Camp Francis will not provide any form of babysitting for participants or siblings at any time. All participants must be registered in an active camp or lunch supervision program. All other minors in the Community Center must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.


Electronic Device Policy

No electronic devices are allowed to be used during summer camps. (examples: cell phones, MP3 players, gaming devices, etc.)


Code of Conduct & Behavior Expectations

The Assisi Community Center Summer Camp Program is meant to support the mission of the Catholic Community of Saint Francis of Assisi and the Community Life ministry within our parish community. We promise to inspire growth opportunities, offer support, encourage participation, and safeguard the environment as we build our summer family.  We enable our community to renew the spirit within, maintain the physical body, and grow the mind as we enjoy the quality recreational, educational and spiritual activities within our exceptional facilities and grounds. We welcome with joy all those young people who come to us and invite them into the life of our summer community.  All campers are expected to abide by the Assisi Community Center Code of Conduct on the following page. Any behavior contrary to the Code of Conduct will initially be handled by the instructor. Should these behaviors continue the Camp Francis Director will be involved and contact to parents will be made. Continued failure to abide by the Code of Conduct may result in suspension from the camp without a refund. Likewise any problems brought to your attention should first be brought to the attention of the instructor. If these problems don’t receive a resolution please bring them to the attention of the Camp Francis Director. It is asked that any special physical, emotional, psychological or medical need of your child be identified on their registration form or discussed with the Camp Francis Director.


Financial Aid

Camp Francis summer programs are part of the Community Life ministries of the Catholic Church. We are a non-profit organization with limited Financial Aid funds. All Financial Aid requests should be made through the Camp Francis office. A Financial Aid request form should be submitted with the Camp Registration Form. For this Financial Aid form please contact:

Parents at Camp Francis

Adults and children who are not registered campers, instructors, assistants, volunteers are not permitted in the camp during camp hours unless invited by the instructor. We are asking this so we can respect the teachers and students time in camp as well as their safety. Some instructors will reach out to parents inviting them for specific planned activities to observe at the conclusion of the week of camp.



In the event that the church has an emergency (tornado watch, fire, lockdown, etc) Camp Francis will abide by the St. Francis Emergency Procedures as posted in each building.


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