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COVID-19 Update: To limit risk to the residents of Morehead Hills and volunteers, only one volunteer group will deliver the lunches. Volunteers still make the sandwiches and lunches. We are using Clare Hall as a central location to pick up supplies and return lunches for delivery Saturday morning.

Please see details on the new process below.

To minimize risk to everyone, we have stepped up our procedures to keep everything clean and sanitary, while at the same time maintaining social distance. We have also increased the number of lunches to 100 to make sure everyone at Morehead Hills is fed.
Since we are no longer gathering at St. Francis to make the lunches, the new process consists of volunteers picking up supplies from Clare Hall and dropping the completed lunches off Saturday morning for Group A (as indicated in the SignUpGenius) to deliver to Morehead Hills. Here’s how it goes:

Pick up the wagon(s) and supplies from Clare Hall, across from the business office, Thursday or Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm 
Brown bags, sandwich baggies, disposable gloves & table cover, granola bars, and crackers.

Shop for groceries
At St. Francis Brown Bag Ministry, volunteers provide a portion of the groceries for 50 or 100 lunches (see photo) depending on how many slots selected on the SignUp Genius. If you hand in your receipts, the ministry can reimburse you $25 or $50 to offset the cost of the groceries.

  • Bread
  • Cold cuts
  • Cheese
  • Soft fruit
  • Dessert

Create scripture notes to go in each lunch
Write or print notes of scripture and/or encouraging words. This is more important now than ever to lift the spirits of our friends at Morehead Hills. This health crisis has been especially difficult for them.

Make sandwiches and lunches at home
Volunteers make the sandwiches and lunches at home. As always, thoroughly clean your hands before touching anything. Please clean all surfaces, use the table cover for making the sandwiches and wear gloves throughout the entire process: making sandwiches and adding items to the brown bags. Each lunch should contain 6 items: sandwich, fruit, granola bar, crackers, dessert, and note.

Drop off the wagon(s) containing the lunches outside Clare Hall – Saturday Morning, 9:30-9:45am
Leave wagon(s) outside the door of Clare Hall, near the entry door nearest to the half-circle portico with the mailbox (see map) where Group A (as indicated in the SignUpGenius) can pick them up for delivery to Morehead Hills.

If requesting reimbursement…
Put your receipt in an envelope. Write your name, address, phone number, and email address on the envelope and leave it in the front pocket of the wagon. The ministry coordinator will submit it to St. Francis for reimbursement.


 Thank you!

The primary mission of the Brown Bag Ministry is to reach out to those in need and feed the hungry. We prepare and distribute 100 brown bag lunches twice a month every month to Morehead Hills, a low-income senior citizen apartment community in Durham. We have served the residents of Morehead Hills for over 10 years, making and delivering more than 30,000 lunches. This ministry welcomes all ages: families, Scouts, Y-guides, youth groups, community service groups. Please join us!


St. Francis Brown Bag Ministry Wagon Location Directions

Please come to the external door of Clare Hall. Clare Hall is in the second building on the left as you enter the campus
through the main driveway off Leesville Rd. You can pull into the half-circle portico with the mailbox.

We are blessed with many, wonderful volunteers! If you can’t find a date that works for you, here are other ways you can help.

  • Donate individually wrapped crackers, breakfast bars, and soft snacks (see photos below).
  • Hand write/decorate notes of scripture and encouraging words to include with the lunches.
  • Decorate lunch bags.
  • Join the Brown Bag Ministry Coordinator Team.

For additional information, contact our Ministry Coordinators at

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