Babysitting Social!

We are a group of St. Francis families with young children that gather together while developing friendships for both children and parents. We have meetings and social events to help our families get to know one another.  We are planning babysitting days and nights so you can runs errands or have a date night.  Our network of families has come to rely on the co-op for babysitting to cover everything from a parent’s night out, to finding time to run errands, or going to a doctor’s appointment.

General Information:

  • All families are welcome.
  • Includes infant children to pre-teens
  • Social outings for the Moms (and sometimes a Dads event, too!)
  • Monthly social events for Moms and Families!
  • Annual dues are $10 – 15 (for social and operating expenses, and charitable events)

For more information, contact:

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