Adult Formation

Welcome to Adult Formation! Register below for our Adult Formation events, or scroll down for more information about each of the events. We hope you will join us!

Upcoming Morning Bible Studies:

Panorama of the Old Testament, September 2021 (Registration opens early August)

Infancy Narratives, October, 2021 (Registration opens mid-September)

Acts of the Apostles, January 2022 (Registration opens mid-December)

 Growing in faith is a lifelong adventure. All parishioners are invited to continue their lifelong faith journey by joining Msgr. Michael Clay as he walks participants through “Christianity 101” – the most essential elements of our Christian faith.  To learn more about the To Know, To Believe, To Live video series (KBL), visit:


  • To Know: A lifelong journey of growth in our knowledge of the Christian faith
  • To Believe: A lifelong journey of growth in our assent and acceptance of what we teach at the level of faith
  • To Live: A lifelong journey of understanding how we make this a part of our life
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