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Adult Formation

Adult Formation

Growing in faith is a lifelong adventure. All parishioners are invited to continue their lifelong faith journey by joining Msgr. Michael Clay as he walks participants through “Christianity 101” – the most essential elements of our Christian faith

  • To Know: A lifelong journey of growth in our knowle dge of the Christian faith
  • To Believe: A lifelong journey of growth in our assent and acceptance of what we teach at the level of faith
  • To Live: A lifelong journey of understanding how we make this a part of our life

Watching Msgr. Clay’s To Know, To Believe, To Live series but are not part of a small group?

If you’re participating in the Know, Believe, Live series, but are not in a small group, we invite you to join a Realm Group so you can receive updates and communications about the series.

To join the Group, you must first set up a Realm account. Once you have an account:

  1. 1) Login to Realm or on the Realm Connect app.

  2. 2) Select “Groups” (or “More” and then “Groups” if you’re using the App)

  3. 3) Select “Find Groups”

  4. 4) Select “Formation & Education”

  5. 5) Look for the Group “KBL – Participants Not in a Small Group”

  6. 6) Click the “Request to Join” button and a staff member will add you to the Group!
Please contact Email: or
with questions about joining the Realm group for non-small group KBL participants. If you have questions about KBL content,
please contact Kathy Sales at

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