AAMEN Chapter

African Ancestry Ministry and Evangelization Network

As a result of St. Francis of Assisi’s Diversity Initiative to find ways to involve our ethnic parishioners in church life and ministries, we are pleased to announce that a chapter of the African Ancestry Ministry and Evangelization Network – AAMEN -has been formed at St. Francis.

The African Ancestry Ministry and Evangelization Network was established by the Diocese of Raleigh to foster the mission of the Roman Catholic Church, spread the Gospel, celebrate the Sacraments, and form a faith community. To do this, we create an atmosphere in which individuals of African descent can maintain their identity, heighten their visibility, and enhance their lives as Catholics. Our ministry vision is to nurture those in the faith, reconcile those fallen away from the faith, and offer a church home to the unchurched through conversion to the Catholic faith.

While this ministry is mainly for parishioners of African descent, it is open to all who wish to learn more about church life from an African Ancestry perspective. If you are interested in becoming a part of this ministry, please contact Leon Cooke at 919-740-7515 or e-mail cooleon@aol.com.

 The Acacia Tree
The Acacia Tree, native of Africa, is mentioned in the Bible in the book of Exodus and in the book of Isaiah. The wood of the tree was used to build the Ark of the Covenant. It is mentioned in Isaiah as a sign of the Messianic restoration in Israel. The Acacia tree has deep roots, and survives through drought and famine. It is a strong tree which provides shelter for wild animals from the searing heat of the sun. It also provides food and nourishment. Since biblical times, the Acacia has been a symbol of stability and resilience. The tree is still found in many areas of Africa and has been a symbol of the land.

Other Events in the Area
Contact Leon Cooke at 919-740-7515 or e-mail cooleon@aol.com for more information.

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