Americans love their “Top 10” lists! The media regularly produces things like the top 10 pasta dishes (one of my favorites), vacation destinations, books, area restaurants, video games, movies, contemporary music, etc. There is also a Top 10 list of things every baptized Christian should know, believe, and live. At St. Francis, we are launching a 10-part video series to explore this Top 10 list.

We will launch the series on Monday, May 3, with both a discussion group option and a view-alone option. Each module will go “live” between May-September approximately every two weeks. It is part of a larger series we are calling, To Know, To Believe, To Live. It is my hope that many households of the parish will take an opportunity to view the videos and possibly join a small group of other parishioners in a conversation about the main points covered in them. Small groups will meet two times a month between May-September on a date and at a time mutually agreeable to the group for approximately 90 minutes per meeting.  Trained facilitators will act as guides for each group to make the time as productive as possible. You may register for a day/time that works best for your schedule. If for some reason you need to miss a session (e.g., vacation), you may always view the video on your own schedule.

As part of our parish reopening efforts, this is a great opportunity to meet new people in the parish, to re-connect with familiar ones, and dive into our Christian faith through virtual gatherings. Registration for participation in a small group is now open via Realm, our new in-house communications network. If you have not set up your account in Realm, please go to to set up your account so you may then register for a small group. A short video-tutorial on registering is available on our website and bulletin.

If you have any questions about the series, please contact Kathy Sales at: If you have questions about setting up your Realm account, please contact Patti Panizza at:

Growing in faith is a lifelong adventure and I believe this series will be enlightening to everyone from our high school youth to our senior members. Initial feedback from those who have seen the previews is very positive. We will use music and film clips to accentuate the points and not simply turn this into a dry lecture. Presentations will run between 25-35 minutes with opportunities to stop during the presentations for small-group discussion. Handouts will accompany each video for ease of capturing the main points of each video. I believe you will find this series to be helpful to your life as a Christian.

Please join us.

Msgr. Clay

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