We are beginning discussions around admitting more people to our weekend Masses in light of progress being made with vaccinations. It will be a very small increase as we have been wisely counseled by the medical experts guiding us that hospitals are still very full and there is some concern about variants to the coronavirus that are now appearing in North Carolina. As we watch data numbers over the next few weeks, we will be back in touch with you about when we might be able to safely increase the number of people we can welcome to worship with us on the weekend. I realize this is particularly painful as we celebrate Lent and with Holy Week on the horizon but am cautiously optimistic we will be slowly able move little-by-little back to a normal community of faith.

We are blessed to have four adults who are moving progressively to the waters of baptism this Easter Vigil. I encourage you to read their profiles on our parish website and, most importantly, pray for them by name in the remaining weeks of Lent as they make their final preparations to be baptized, confirmed, and receive the Holy Eucharist for the first time. In addition to them, we have other adults, already baptized in other Christian traditions, who will come into full communion with the Catholic Church, be confirmed, and receive Holy Eucharist with us for the first time on Pentecost Sunday. Finally, there are several adults baptized in infancy as Catholics who will be confirmed and receive the Holy Eucharist on the Third Sunday of Easter, the Sunday the Church traditionally focuses on the gift of the Eucharist in the Easter season.

All of these men and women have been involved with our RCIA for many months. They are being welcomed into the Church or completing their initiation sacraments at various times during the Easter season both in keeping with our safety procotols which limit the number of people we can accommodate at Mass and by making clear distinctions among these three groups of people who are undertaking the journey to the initiation sacraments, and for those who are not Catholic, to Catholicism. 


Msgr. Clay

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