Last Monday we launched a 1-hour video presentation that is the first of a year long series of video presentations we are producing at St. Francis. This video lecture presents a snapshot of the most essential dimensions of our Christian faith, what I call “Christianity 101.” It is available on our parish website ( and then clicking the To Know, To Believe, To Live hyperlink. It will remain available throughout Lent. A handout outlining the content of this video is available for printing. 

Why are we producing this yearlong series? I am increasingly aware that more and more Catholic adults are not conversant with the essential dimensions of their faith. The reasons for this are many but certainly among them would be the fact that we are busier and working harder than ever handling multiple things simultaneously which makes growing intentionally in our faith more challenging and increasingly viewed as optional. I am also aware that while a lot of our formation as children and adolescents has focused on many good things, especially those fortunate enough to go to Catholic schools, it has not often covered the 10 essential dimensions of faith in such a way as to become a lifelong reference point for daily life. More and more, we need this grounding to negotiate an increasingly complex and challenging world. 

I am aware that those who call St. Francis their spiritual home will know these essentials to varying degrees since the parish covers the entire spectrum of people on the journey of faith. Experience has shown me that everyone on the journey of faith, from beginner to advanced, can benefit from a review or overview of these basics since this journey is lifelong, with needs and issues that constantly change and develop, even for persons mature in their faith.

If you conclude at the end of this video that you are fairly advanced in your appropriation of these 10 dimensions of faith, please contact Kathy Sales ( to see how you might help us in the next phase of this video series where we will break down the 10 components into individual modules that will include the possibility of viewing and discussing them in small groups with a facilitator. You might be an ideal facilitator and a collaborator with us in this series. 


We will launch a new social network platform at our parish beginning March 5 called Realm. It will provide you with ways to be in contact with fellow parishioners and those in your ministerial groups, track your donations, etc. Please see the parish website for information on how to connect to Realm. I have been using it for a couple of months and find it very helpful in getting to know the parish family of St. Francis.

Msgr. Clay

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