As we move back into our normal parish rhythms (as least normal in pandemic times) beginning Monday, January 4, I want to express my gratitude to all who made our liturgical celebrations of the Nativity of Our Lord (a.k.a., Christmas) and Mary, Mother of God (a.k.a, New Year’s Day) so glorious. Here is a list of the major sources of my gratitude:
• The Moser family who provided our awesome Christmas tree and garland decorations.
• Theresa Baumgartner and those who worked with her beautifully decorating our church.
• Our music ministers who helped us celebrate this season with joy-filled (and bell-ringing) music.
• The volunteers who worked behind the scenes to make it possible for us to gather safely in the church and who provided us with liturgical ministry, some coming more than once for a feastday.
• Those who were patient with us at the church doors as we worked through the glitches experienced registering for one of the holiday Masses so they could worship with us.
• The children who provided our virtual Christmas pageant this year. 

• The technicians who provided numerous livestreams so that more and more people could participate virtually in our Masses.
• The communications team who developed our holiday website and links.
• Those who continue to support our parish through their financial donations as well as the gifts of their time and talents.
• Our staff and school faculty and administrators who continue to provide exemplary leadership and heroism in our attempt to keep church and schools “in session” despite the challenges facing them each and every day.

Beginning Monday, January 4, we will launch an adjusted format for setting up requests to remember family, friends, fellow parishioners, and others in our weekend Prayers of the Faithful. We will mention only the individuals you request to be named in these petitions. We will create a new place on our website where the names of those we are praying for and those affiliated with our parish most closely related to them will appear, provided those parishioners request that of us. Please see our parish website for directions
on how to make these requests beginning January 4.

As part of our transition from Franciscan to diocesan clergy leadership, we will also inaugurate a formal Mass Intention process on the same day. Requesting Masses, our highest form of prayer, specifically for someone living or deceased is a venerable and longstanding tradition and an exercise of your baptismal priesthood, something you received at your baptism, that calls you to pray and interceded on behalf of others to the Lord. Please see our parish website for directions on how to make these requests beginning January 4. 

Msgr. Clay




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