On Saturday, October 17, the last group of teens in the parish were confirmed by Fr. Jairo and me. It took four separate Masses to accomplish this in a COVID-19 world with required safety and social distancing protocols, but we are proud of our youth for reaching this milestone in their lives and for the support of their parents and sponsors in helping these teens get across this new threshold in their lives as fully-initiated Catholics. Thanks to all who helped with their preparation and our four celebrations. We couldn’t have done it without you! 

Today I am installed as the sixth pastor of St. Francis of Assisi. Bishop Zarama will officiate for this ceremony at the 9:30am livestream Mass. This brief ritual formally makes me your pastor and places the pastoral and canonical responsibilities of pastor officially on my shoulders. I am grateful for your continued prayers. 

We restarted a regular time each Saturday afternoon for the Sacrament of Reconciliation (i.e., Confession) in the church. The time will be 4:00-4:45pm. Initially Fr. Jairo and I will both be available and will be located in the last pew on the left and right transepts of the church. No sign-up is required but we will continue to require all safety protocols be followed (e.g., facemask, temperature check prior to entering the church, hands sanitized, social distancing between the penitent and the priest). This is another small step we are taking to open the parish to you. You may also arrange a time for this sacrament by calling the office if Saturday afternoon doesn’t work for your schedule.

Last Tuesday, 151 St. Francis parishioners participated in the public launch of One- Wake, an interreligious coalition of churches, synagogues, and mosques to improve  conditions in our county in terms of affordable housing, jobs, and education for those whose voices are often not heard in the decisions that are made about these issues. We had the third largest congregational presence at this meeting in which over 2500 people participated virtually. I am very proud of the work Trevor Thompson and our many parishioners have done for a few years to help establish this group.

Msgr. Clay

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