I want to say thank you to all who contributed to our food drive last weekend. We filled two trucks! If we can’t receive the Body of Christ at mass just yet, we can continue to be the Body of Christ, in a time of absence and hope. Last weekend this community did just that – looked broadly and with generosity at the great need in our area, and helped. Thanks to all who helped organize the food drive and all the volunteers.

Deep thanks also to those who generously contribute to our parish offertory, whether by Faith Direct or by sending in donations through the mail. We are grateful!

We are living through troubling days in our country. We have been living amid the uncertainty of COVID-19 for several weeks, the not knowing of how long we will be living in days like these. More recently, we have seen a deeply troubling video of a black man in Minneapolis murdered by a white police officer, press-ing down on his neck and suffocating him. All of it on video, all of it seen by the whole world, and all of it a reminder of what it’s like to be black in America, to be constantly on alert, on watch, afraid for one’s very life.  The full article can be viewed here => https://pastorsblog341025497.wordpress.com/

Blessings on your Week !


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