Welcome once again to our virtual Sunday, and this Sunday we celebrate the Ascension which in this diocese takes the place of the Seventh Sunday of Easter. And our strange quiet days continue. Even amid the quiet, there is much going on here at St. Francis: phone calls being made to check on people, on-line Zoom gatherings in faith formation, peace and justice, and other areas, casseroles being dropped off to help people in need. The parish continues its mission in different times and in different ways as we continue to adapt to these Covid-19 times. There has been much talk in the news about re-opening and what it might look like. Here at St. Francis, we meet every week to talk this through from the perspective of liturgy and of facilities. As of now, we continue to go by the bishop’s statement that the obligation to attend mass is waived – no one, during this time of Covid-19, is obligated to attend mass. Our primary way of reaching the people of the parish remains our Sunday morning live-stream, and we are hearing from many people that they appreciate the opportunity to watch and to hear the word. At the same time, we continue to look at possibilities of re-opening and what steps we would need to have in place for any kind of re-opening. Our challenge is that we are a very large church. Our primary concern is for public health and safety. And so for now, we continue to invite people to our Sunday morning 9:30 liturgy, and we will keep you informed as we hear and learn more from the bishop’s office.

A continued word on our parish offertory: thanks to all who continue to sign up for Faith Direct, or who send in envelopes every week. We have seen a rise in the number of people who have signed up for Faith Direct, and that is an enormous help to us here. We also receive donations every week in the mail, and these donations fluctuate week-to-week. We are doing OK overall, but it remains important that as many people as possible continue to support our parish during these times.

Also, some good news for all of us who have been stuck at home and looking for a way to get outside and help – we are having a food drive in our parking lot on the weekend of May 30/31, with proper distancing requirements in place. Please see elsewhere in this bulletin for more information on that.

Blessings on your week!

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