Greetings to all as I write on a rainy and cool Monday morning, looking out my window at a quiet parking lot, the pollen washing away. Each day seems to reveal some new restriction and it all feels confining and strange and unsettling. We look for anything familiar; just now, outside my office window, a woman out walking in the parking lot, even in the drizzle. 

A word of thanks to our staff and the way we have come together, in strange times, to be a church in new and different ways, to being a kind of virtual church. We are making our way, and thanks to all who have followed us and provided comments and encouragement. 

The “collect” or opening prayer, for mass this morning, begins with the words “O God, who renew the world through mysteries beyond all telling…” A prayer addressed to God, and addressing God as the One who renews the world in ways we do not know, and who is always with us.

Thank you for your support along the way, and blessings on your week!

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