Many of you know that we have a Feed the Need ministry here; people bring casseroles to the parish and people who need them, for all kinds of reasons, are able to come and  receive them. It’s a beautiful ministry, right out of the gospel. Along with the ministry, there often come prayer intentions and some of them are listed below.

For a man, suffering from cancer, who is recovering from surgery.
• For a Godparent who suffers from post stroke issues & possible dementia.
• For a woman searching for employment: that she will find a job that fits her skills and her physical limitations.
• For a daughter struggling in school (academically and socially).
• For a family under much financial stress.
• For a marriage under stress.
• For a handicapped woman who is seeking God’s guidance.
• For a woman searching for full time employment.
• For a FTN cook undergoing knee replacement surgery.
• For an immigrant family.
• For a woman, who suffers from Alzheimer’s and for the loving husband who cares for her.
• For a daughter suffering from MS, who has osteoarthritis in her knees.
• For a son with leukemia who may require a stem cell transplant.
• For a man’s peace & financial well-being.
• For an elderly man in hospice care and for his wife who has many health issues.
• For a woman suffering with illness, and for her loving husband, who cares for her, and for their children.
• For a child suffering with health issues.
• For a grieving family.

The intentions give us a sense of what people live through, and notice how often the  words “search for” or “suffers from” appear; we offer our prayers for people who live through all kinds of things and we trust in a merciful and loving God who is never far from us.

It has now been more than two months since we received the announcement from Holy Name Province that the friars will be withdrawing from St. Francis. There is nothing new to report on the transition. We expect to hear sometime in the spring who the new pastor will be and we expect him to start here probably by late June or early July. We are holding the weekend of June 6/7 for a parish celebration; details to come. 

Blessings on your week!

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