We are now in the season of Lent as we begin our 40-day journey toward Easter, and are reminded that we are always on the way, following the way of Christ, often stumbling along the way, and always drawn forward as we follow him on his way to the cross, and always with Easter hope. These are profound days in the life of the Church and it’s always good to find time for quiet prayer and reflection in these days. 

A few words on the transition. Nothing new to report at this point. A few people have asked me if we know who is coming here. We do not, and we don’t expect to know for a few  more months. A few people have asked if the name of the parish will change – it will not. Many ask if we friars know where we are going; we won’t find out until early or mid-June, and move from there. What we are doing now is good: we are praying in hopeful anticipation of receiving and welcoming a new pastor. We are praying at Mass, and we
are praying on Friday mornings (a Friday morning – January 3rd – is when I received the phone call about the withdrawal). We friars are grateful for your many kind words of support along the way. As always, if you have any questions about the transition, please ask us. We will keep you informed as we know more.

A couple of movie recommendations: “1917” which is set during the First World War, and is superb. Twenty-eight years ago, before I became a friar, I used to visit a WWI veteran from Canada. He lived in Arlington, Massachusetts with his two daughters. He was 99 years old. He could not hear well, but he would speak of what it was like to be in that war, and I would sit by his side and listen. Another movie is “Just Mercy” which is about a wrongful conviction which leads to a man being put on death row in Alabama.
Well worth seeing. 

Finally, a few people have let me know that they have received text messages which say they are from me, asking for gift cards or money. Please know these are scams, and if you have any question about any communications from me or anyone at the parish, please call the parish to be sure. 

Blessings on your week!

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