As I write in these days leading up to Christmas, there is a sense of anticipation as the days of Advent soon give way to the appearance of a star in the night sky, to a small ragged
manger in a field outside Bethlehem, to an inn too full and busy to find room for a harried young couple looking for a place to give birth to a child, and finally to the birth of this child who will be a sign of contradiction to many – a sign of hope, a sign of salvation – and who in the end will be dismissed as too much for people to take, and who will be led to a hill outside Jerusalem and meet his fate on a cross. So much to be pondered in this Christmas story.

Special thanks this Christmas to the generous parishioner who every year donates our beautiful Christmas tree, which is its own sign of wonder in our church this Christmas season.

A reminder this Christmas to consider carefully which Mass you want to attend, as the Christmas Eve Masses – especially the early masses at 3:00pm – have been shown to be especially crowded. And parking of course is always an issue. The later Masses tend to be less crowded.

Blessings to all as we move into the season of Christmas!

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