You may have heard that my assistant, Tresa Pickup, will be leaving in early December for a new job. Tresa has been in this role for the past four years, and I want to thank her for her work during that time. It’s an interesting job for sure – answering phone calls and emails, handling all kinds of things that come our way – and Tresa has done all this with courtesy and professionalism. We will miss her here. She will take her Carolina Hurricanes banners and stickers and jerseys – once, on Halloween, she placed a skeleton with a Canes jersey on my chair, which was a sight for sure that morning. We wish Tresa the best and we are currently searching for a person to fill that role. Please see the job description elsewhere in this bulletin.

Safe travels to all who are traveling for Thanksgiving, and a reminder that we have Mass on Thanksgiving Day at 9:00am in the main church.

Blessings on your week!

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