This weekend we have our annual Fair Trade Market in Clare Fellowship Hall. This is always an amazing time to look around and see beautiful handiworks from around the world, to move away from the massproduced quality of so many things in our culture, and to appreciate something like a hand-made Nativity set, or a scarf made from a  women’s collective in Africa, or a basket hand-made by women in Uganda which I have on a table in my office. And of course the fair-trade chocolate – who wouldn’t want that? Many thanks to our Justice and Peace office for helping to make this annual event go so well. 

An early word on Christmas, actually not so far off now. Mass times on December 24, Christmas Eve, will be the following: 3:00pm in the church, gym and Clare Fellowship Hall; 5:30pm in the church and gym, 9:00pm in the church. On Christmas Day, Mass will be at 12:00 midnight, 9:30am and 11:30am, all in the main church. Please note this is a change from last year. We will continue with posted reminders in the weeks leading up to Christmas. As always, we remind you that the early Christmas Eve Masses are very crowded, and the Masses later that day less crowded.

Finally, thanks to all who helped out with our annual Harvest Moon festival last Sunday. This is an annual fundraiser for our preschool, and there were games and baskets and all kinds of things to bid on, including a dinner prepared at your home (!) by Fr. Jim Sabak. Whoever won the bidding on that, you are in for something special!

Blessings on your week!



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