On Monday evening, our parish is hosting an information meeting about a proposed new Cristo Rey school which is being planned for the Triangle Area. See page 9. Cristo Rey is a school model meant to serve underprivileged high school students and our bishop is strongly supportive of its development here. The Cristo Rey model allows students to attend classes and also to work in the local community – the Monday night meeting here is about looking for potential employers who might be able to partner with Cristo Rey in offering jobs to students. This is an important local initiative and if you’re able to help or if you are interested, we encourage you to attend on Monday evening.

This Sunday is our Open House for The Franciscan School (TFS) and it will be held after the 11:30am Mass. TFS provides and excellent education and excellent experiences of community at our parish. We encourage you to attend the open house this Sunday.

Finally, this Friday is All Saints Day with Masses in the main church at 9:00am (with the school) and 7:00pm.

Blessings on your week!

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