In the past couple of weeks I’ve received two letters from Catholic Parish Outreach, both of them thank you letters: one of them was a thank-you note for the 9,806 pounds of groceries that St.  Francis contributed to the “Feed a Family” food drive; the other was a thank you note for our Prayer Shawl ministry’s donation of 5 scarves, 43 hats, 13 crochet blankets, 13 fleece blankets, and one gown with hat, with the words “they are all so beautiful and special to our clients.” Many thanks to all who brought groceries for our food drive and who helped knit scarves, hats, blankets and gowns for those in need. Once again our parish comes through with great generosity.

On Tuesday evening, our parish is hosting an event called “Creation Care and the Bible,” a presentation on the deep connection between the Bible and the environment, a  connection which has not always been well understood by Christians. Too often we have seen God’s creation as something to be conquered or subdued and yet our own patron Saint Francis, in his song/poem “The Canticle of the Creatures” sings the praises of God’s beautiful creation and refers to the sun, moon, stars, air, water as “brother” and sister” – profoundly relational words which speak of care and wonder. The event will be held on Tuesday evening at 7:00pm in Anthony Hall Founders Room, all are welcome.

We prayed last week at mass for Fr. Bill McConville who served here at St. Francis for many years and now lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. Last week he had stents inserted into his coronary arteries. I heard from Bill last week and he is home and recovering well and grateful for our prayers.

Blessings on your week!


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