Last weekend we had a gathering of our parish council and our parish staff for two full days of taking a close look at our Franciscan identity, our mission statement, the signs of the current times, and from all of that, a beginning to look at where God might be calling us as a parish. Francis of Assisi used to pray “who are you, and who am I?” and what I like about that prayer is that it’s mutual, it’s Francis listening for the dynamic presence of God in his life and Francis being open himself to how he might respond. We can apply that to our parish: for the past three decades we have built and we have grown, and with all that, what now? Our parish council is prepared to begin to address these questions. Thanks to all who were part of the gathering. 

Thanks also to all who helped organize our annual FrancisFest which despite the heat was a great success last Sunday. Food trucks, kids in bouncy rooms, adults trying beer and wine and watching football – such a great day. Thanks again to our organizers.

This past Friday, October 4 was the Feast of Francis and this Sunday afternoon we have our annual Blessing of the Animals (dogs, cats, horses, pythons, anything!) in the labyrinth. Yesterday we welcomed our bishop for two confirmation liturgies and more than 150 of our teenagers received this sacrament. See page 3.

Congratulations to them and blessings on your week!

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