On Friday, we bade farewell to Br. Jason Damon, who spent the summer with us here as an intern, and who, in a short period of time, became very involved in the life of the parish. Jason had never seen this parish until his arrival and had asked his formation directors for the opportunity to come here. He left on Friday, went to the Bills-Panthers game in Charlotte on Friday night (no doubt proudly wearing his Bills cap), and from there is spending a week on retreat at St. Francis Springs, a Franciscan retreat center north of Greensboro. It was a delight having him here with us over the summer and we wish him the best as he continues his theological studies in Chicago.

You may have seen in the stewardship center last weekend a table offering sign-ups for our JustFaith program, which begins in September. JustFaith is a 24- week program  which introduces participants to the justice and peace tradition of the Church. I went through the program twice, years ago when I was at Immaculate Conception in Durham, and it’s an eye-opening introduction to the approach of the Church on such issues as racism, immigration, poverty, and other issues. It’s a definite commitment – 24 weeks – but well worth the time. Contact Trevor Thompson in our office for more information.

Finally, a letter from Bishop Luis Rafael that addresses the recent gun violence in El Paso and Dayton.

Blessings on your week!

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