Last week our Director of Stewardship, Deb Royals-Mizerk, a member of our pastoral council, Shauna Morin, and I traveled to Collegeville, Minnesota for a three-day gathering of 14 different faith communities, as part of an initiative called “Communities of Calling.” Our parish received a grant to be part of this initiative. I am writing this for the bulletin
ahead of time, on the day we actually leave for Minnesota. We will be looking more closely at the biblical term “calling” – what does it mean to be called, who is called, how are we (not only priests or religious) “called” to respond to God’s word in today’s world?

I think about someone like Saint Oscar Romero, whose tomb we visited recently in El Salvador, and his own sense of being called to respond to the violence in his country during a civil war there in the 1970s. Few of us receive a calling as dramatic as his, and yet that sense of listening and responding to the Word of God, in ways dramatic or humble, is at the heart of the gospel. We will continue to explore the meaning of  “calling” here at St. Francis. 

Blessings on your week!


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