I arrived back in Raleigh on June 2, after a week-long Habitat for Humanity trip to El Salvador. It was my first Habitat trip and felt Franciscan in the sense of the call that St. Francis of Assisi heard to “rebuild my house, which as you see is falling into ruin.” Nothing like dusty cinder blocks, mortar, and wielding pickaxes and shovels for a week to remind one of the physical act of building. 

We stayed in a hotel in the capital San Salvador and each morning left there at 7:00am for an hour plus van ride out into the Salvadoran countryside to our build site in a rural area called Guazapa. It was not that far, but the traffic in San Salvador was awful. We worked most days till around 3:45pm, then packed up our stuff and went back.

See the full article in this week’s Parish Bulletin on pp. 2-3

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