There is a lot that goes into the preparation of our Holy Week events, from decorating the church to preparing the liturgy and rehearsing the days and organizing everything that goes into these events, and so let me say thank you to everyone who helped prepare these days, as we watched the tone of the days move from Holy Thursday with its humble washing of the feet, to the stark simplicity of the cross of Good Friday, and the movement, on the vigil of Easter, from a thousand lit candles in the darkened church to the promise of Easter resurrection. Thanks to all who helped us in these days!

And this weekend and next, congratulations to all those who are making their first communion and thanks to all who helped these children in their preparation.

And one final note – we had one person drop out of our Habitat for Humanity trip to El Salvador May 25-June 2, so there is one opening available. The cost of the trip is $1300 + airfare. If you are interested in going, please be in touch with John Budway at There is a tight deadline on this,as John needs to know by Saturday, May 4.

Blessings on your week!

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