We begin Holy Week, these profound days in which we follow Jesus as he shares a last meal with his friends, undergoes an agony in the garden as he awaits his fate, is put on trial and sentenced to death, is crucified on a lonely cross on a hill outside Jerusalem, and, to the surprise of those who followed him on his way, is resurrected on the third day. There is much high drama in the story, the story of a lone man and what happens to him – it’s a story of injustice, of betrayal, of friends who deny and flee, of what it means to remain faithful to a call, and, in the end, of God’s ultimate faithfulness, that even when everything seems lost and abandoned on the cross, even at that moment when Jesus cries out the psalm of abandonment, that even then, and through anything that happens in a human life, God never leaves us.These days are profound, and we invite you to enter into them this week, and you can find our Holy Week schedule elsewhere in this bulletin.

You can also follow along in your bible by reading any of the passion accounts in the gospels. Read them slowly, meditatively. Enter into the scene, let the words and images speak to you. 


Blessings on your week!


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