“On behalf of CPO, I want to thank the St. Francis Prayer Shawl Ministry for:

18 hats
7 hats w/scarves
9 fleece blankets
3 smuggly w/hat (smuggly? Not
sure quite what that is but it
sounds comfortable!)
1 knitted sweater
11 crochet blankets
1 blanket with sleeves and hat
1 car seat blanket

They are all so beautiful and special to our clients. Your continued devotion to serving our less fortunate neighbors is a wonderful blessing. Your support makes a real different in our ministry, especially during this time of great need.”

I get letters like this every now and then and they reveal to me something about what a church is called to be – a gathering of people, a using of gifts, an attentiveness to need, a looking outward. To “preach the gospel” we sometimes think means a special calling, a big pulpit, a church sanctuary on a Sunday morning. More often, to preach the gospel happens in ordinary ways, in small meeting rooms on weekday mornings, among people come together around fellowship and imagining that somewhere out there is a person who really needs a blanket, or a sweater, or one or two or three smugglys. That’s one of the things that I see when I walk around the 30+ acres of St. Francis week to week. Thanks to our prayer shawl ministry, and thanks to all who, in quiet and often unnoticed ways, preach the gospel day after day.

Blessings on your week!


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