As we begin these days of Lent, we have seen some of the responses to the statement “Because I dare to believe in God, this Lent I am called to__________.” Some of them include: judge less, make time for silent prayer, pray for my enemies, care for the earth. I love the inclusion of the word “dare” in this statement; dare implies a kind of letting go, allows us an openness to being grasped by the Holy, drawn more closely to the mystery of the Living God, a God always closer to us than we imagine.

I know that many people here work in the fields of technology and science and there is much work being done among theologians today to bring together the areas of faith and science. One writer who has done good work in this area is John Haught, who teaches at Georgetown University; his most recent book is called “The New Cosmic Story” which looks to both science and faith and sees each contributing to an understanding of a God who operates not outside of the physical world, but within and as part of that world. In his book, he draws on developments in science and a deep sense of his own faith to bring together two areas which are so often seen as separate. It’s not always an easy read, but it’s very well done – recommended!

Blessings on your week!


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