We sometimes receive questions about the clerical abuse scandal, and last week we received the following letter from our bishop (see page 3). Please also know that if you have any questions about safe environment policies here at St. Francis, or anything to do with the abuse scandal, we are available to discuss that with you here.

As we move through these Advent days, days of busyness and sometimes an overwhelming sense of consumerism, we look forward once again to the birth of the Christ child. I found the following words in an Advent book of reflections: “Lo, in the silent night/A child to God is born/And all is brought   again/That ere was lost or lorn/Could but thy soul, O man/Become a silent night!/God would be born in thee/And set all things aright.” (15th century verse – unattested).

Sometimes during the week, in the early morning or at other times during the day, people come into our church or our chapel to pray. It’s quiet there during the week, an often empty space that invites silence and prayer. Keep the chapel or the church in mind if you’re looking for that kind of space in this, or in any time of the year.

Blessings on your week!

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