Hi all,

It’s Saturday morning, cold and rainy here, a day to keep the blinds shut and some kind of light on, the rain steady outside and soaking the ground, and here and there colors of leaves on trees – bright reds and yellows – in a background of grey sky and steady rain.  Yesterday was another kind of day – cold and brisk and a Carolina blue sky with bright sun, a good day to be outside. 

A word of thanks to all of you on this Thanksgiving weekend, and I hope on these days you have had time with family and friends and turkey and maybe even a chance to watch “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” which was on last night at 8pm, and which I missed, but which I always loved going back to being a six-year-old or whatever age and being caught up in the wonder of this story of the North Pole and the Winter Warlock and the bright evening star over Bethlehem.

And a found poem, from a Native American poet named Joy Harjo, which I have been sending to friends:

“Morning Song”
The red dawn in now rearranging the earth
Thought by thought
Beauty by beauty
Each sunrise a link in the ladder
The ladder the backbone
Of shimmering deity
Child stirring in the web of your mother
Do not be afraid
Old man turning to walk through the door
Do not be afraid


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