Last weekend we felt some of the effects of Hurricane Florence, and the most serious effects were felt in the eastern part of the state. We await word on any relief efforts that the diocese might be coordinating. And many thanks to our staff here for helping us prepare for the hurricane.

An update, as well, on plans that the diocese has on addressing the current news surrounding clerical abuse in the Church. Our bishop has announced a mass of Reparation and Prayer for Healing to be held on Tuesday evening, September 25, at 6:30pm at Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral. All are invited to that mass. Our bishop is also planning to invite laypersons from throughout the diocese to discuss the situation further with him. Details on that forthcoming.

On our part here, as I mentioned last week, I wrote a letter to Bishop Luis Rafael outlining what we have heard from the people of this parish about this crisis, and also that this time in the Church could be a real opportunity to invite lay people to share their insights and talents even more. As I also mentioned last week, we here at St. Francis are planning a session in response to the questions we have heard from many of you, of “why should I stay in this church?” Please continue to watch this space for details as we begin to plan.

Please also note our upcoming Franciscan conference to be held on Saturday, September 29, here on site. You can find details on registration on our website ==>


Blessings on your Week !!

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