A few weeks ago, I mentioned here that the friars had an important chapter meeting at Siena College on Wednesday, May 30. The meeting was the  occasion for a vote on whether the friars of Holy Name Province, of which the three of us here are a part, along with the friars of five other provinces throughout the United States would merge from six provinces into one province. Anticipation was high on the afternoon of the 30th, as we all waited in a large meeting room at Siena to see how our own province and the others would vote on this important issue. At 4:00pm, via teleconference, the results of the voting were read, and each of the six U.S. provinces voted in favor of continuing the process of merging. Nationwide, the vote was around 70% in favor.

What this means is that the merger process (or in official terms “revitalization and realignment – R&R”) continues; these discussions have been taking place over the past several years and the vote on May 30 was to get a sense from the friars around the country on whether to go forward or to pause the process. It will take 5-6 more years for all the details to be worked out, and the end result will be, one day, a single U.S. province. What does this mean for us here at St. Francis? It does not affect us now, and in the future it could mean that St. Francis could draw friars from not only the East Coast, where Holy Name Province is based, but from the entire country, once the single, new province is established by the 2020’s. The three of us here all attended the chapter and caught up with many friars we had not seen in a while, including Frs. David McBriar, Bill McConville, Mark Reamer, and others.

Overall, a good meeting ….

Blessings on your week!



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