It’s first communion weekend, both this week and next and if these kids are anything like me when I made my first communion way back a long time ago, I was nervous all those days leading up to it, and couldn’t wait to take off the red clip-on tie after it was all over. Somehow I got through it!

Thanks to all the parents and teachers of this year’s group, and we wish God’s blessing on all of them as they join the community of St. Francis at the table of the Lord for the first time.

“You have heard us giving updates for our 2018 Bishop’s Annual Appeal over the past several weeks, and as you can see from the figures below, our parish has made great progress in reaching our goal. We are almost there! Thank you to all who have contributed. We ask that if you have not yet made a contribution to the 2018 BAA, you please consider making one. St. Francis plays a critical role in the success of the BAA. We are currently at nearly 85% of our goal of $509,000. We need only a few more families to contribute for us to draw closer to our goal. Again, thank you to all who have contributed, and if you have not yet pledged, please consider a pledge to this year’s appeal.

Thank you!


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